The Metropolee Products

The Metropolee Opportunity is very unique in the work from home opportunity space in that you have multiple ways to be involved earning advantages even if you don't sponsor anybody into the business.

1. FREE Metropolee Business Finder Directory Mobile Application
The Metropolee Business Finder Mobile application lists all the Metropolee Vendors who have purchased a Metropolee Directory Listing with MetroSMA.

It is growing into the most amazing World Wide and Multi-lingual collection of Home, Hobby, Micro, and Small businesses you can find on the internet and you can search for them in many ways including distance from you, category, payment types accepted and more.

Vendors can choose to accept Euro, Loyalty Credits and even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum making it a must for crypto enthusiasts in addition to just bargain conscious users.

There are 3 reasons you and your friends would want to have the Metropolee Business Finder application on your phones.

The first is to access all the vendors offering great deals and discounts to our members on everything from Dining Out, Travel and Entertainment, all the way to hobbiests who sell knitted kitten socks or 3d printed anime characters.

Second, you get FREE money or Loyalty credits to spend with vendors in the Metropolee Business Directory!
  • €5 or loyalty credits to spend at any vendor in the Metropolee Business Finder Mobile application, just for downloading the mobile app and entering in your referrers code.
  • Share the FREE Metropolee Business Finder Mobile application with your friends and associates, and they get €5 FREE when they enter in your code, and YOU get an addtional €5 FREE when they spend a minimum of their €5 at any Metropolee Business Directory vendor!
  • Earn 0.5% Cash Back in Loyalty credits on all purchases you make from a Metropolee Business Finder Directory vendor once you upload your reciept for proof of purchase you can then spend at any Metropolee Business Directory vendor!
Finally the ability to USE YOUR cryptocurrency! Vendors are able to set which currencies they wish to accept in the app, they can choose from Euro, Loyalty Credits, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum as acceptable payment types. Finally a way to find places to SPEND crypto. WE all know the more we can lift UTILITY of crypto, the more the possibility of prices rising and becoming more stable. Metropolee aims to be the Solution to cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and the lightening network!

2. MetroTBS - Metropolee Team Building Software
MetroTBS can be used to help anybody in Multi-Level Marketing, MLM, and Network Marketing build ANY MLM opportunity, it is a world leading MLM Prospecting System.
Metropolee has taken a huge step to help Metropolee members utilize this system to its fullest extent by setting up some Metropolee specific landing pages, sales funnels, follow up scripts, emails and social media follow up to help you build your Metropolee business the right way and the most efficient way.
There are three specific sets of Sales Funnels (landing pages, scripts and social media follow up systems) ready to go to help you prospect the three main types of prospects for your Metropolee business as follows:
  1. 1. FREE Metropolee Business Finder App users
  2. 2. Metropolee business builders
  3. 3. Metropolee business directory advertisers

Each system can work independently of each other so you can prospect for whatever type of person suits your Metropolee Business.
With over 100 features, the possibilities are limitless for any Network Marketers team growth. Check out the features on the site!
3. Metropolee Business Finder Directory Listing for a Vendor


A 1 year Metropolee Business Finder Directory Listing comes attached to a 1 year Subscription to MetroSMA. Incredible Advertising and new customer collection value to a vendor, AND a world class Sales and Marketing Automation software for those who choose to take their business even further!

4. MetroSMA - Metropolee Sales and Automation Software


The ultimate Sales and Automation Software now includes a 1 year Metropolee Business Directory listing more than doubling the value of this software.


A vendor can automatically collect a mailing list from the data of all the Metropolee Business Directory users who come to shop at their business. All users have the ability to set to share or NOT share their data with vendors they spend with.


A simple email newsletter is easily set up in MetroSMA and also allows push notifications to users phones directly, allowing a vendor to annouce special deals, and invite customers back!


With over 100 features, the possibilities are limitless for any vendors sales growth. Check out the features on the site!


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